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The best rifle scope makes in the UK

Adding a scope or sights to your rifle is the best way to improve your shooting accuracy and awareness. Not only do they provide you with magnification at long distances, but many high-end scopes will come packed with features that improve light quality, illuminate surroundings, highlight your intended targets, and much more. Hawke is a mid-range optics company founded and based in the UK which now distributes its products worldwide. Hawke uses tiered levels of technology to provide incredible performance at all levels of cost, so you can enjoy improved accuracy no matter how much money you spend.

 Hawke scopes progress through Systems H2, H5 and H7; from the incredible value for money ‘Vantage H2’ series, up to the top performing ‘Frontier H7’ range. Almost every rifle shooter worldwide will be familiar with the name Hawke – a world-famous brand name that’s chosen by millions worldwide as their go-to optics manufacturer…

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Bulletproof Vest V060


A Bulletproof Vest V060 protects against almost all firearm rounds. Level IIIA vests are tested with bullets up to .44 Magnum, a powerful shot.

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Bulletproof Vest V061


Bulletproof Vest V061, BLACK HAWK! Omega Elite Cross Draw Vest with BLACKHAWK Mag Gun! Phalanx Hsv Vest, also known as a ballistic vest or kevlar vest.

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What our customers have to say about our products

I have 3 purchases with The first was smooth. The 2nd was bait and switch; I purchase a used 870 and was send a different rifle than the picture. Customer service gave me a coupon code for next purchase. I bought a 3rd item and a week later found the purchase canceled and coupon code revoked. Still working with customer service. But I won’t be using this site again.


Do not do business with They don’t even deserve one star ! I recently purchased a rifle from them through their Buy Now option . After waiting almost 2 weeks for them to ship the gun to my FFL , I found the exact same gun with same serial # being sold on GunBroker by an FFL in NH . They never even responded to my email . These dishonest people will literally sell to the highest bidder in their circle of select scumbags even if you already bought it from them . Do not do business with these people !


Order process instructions was very clear and easy to follow. However, I couldn’t figure out how to add a gun store to the list of approved and licensed stores to ship to so I ended up shipping to a store on their list I didn’t have experience with. I will use this web site again for future gun purchases.


My experience in dealing with has been a very positive one. Your website is very friendly, as well as, easy to traverse. The prices are extremely fair and the quality of the products I have purchased have exceeded my expectations. I will definitely be a repeat customer. Great job!


The CZ Vzor 70 arrived with the Double Action not functional. I could pull the trigger in only the Single Action function. I want to
return this pistol and have the purchase price refunded.


I bought seven guns in the last year from and everyone was positive from a Taurus gx3 to an AR-15 everyone shot great and is reliable I will continue to buy from because it’s very easy to purchase a gun and if I use a little patience I can get a really good deal

Brigit Guscott / Anonymous